Do you have any complaints or concerns? Well, we’re here to listen, because if you have a complaint or if you have anything else to say about a product that you’ve received from our company we would like to hear about it. DoWrite Imaging always strives to improve its customer service and product quality. So if you have a product that you didn’t think was the best, please let us know so we can make sure that we correct in a timely manner.

2 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. Mary Rezin

    I’m tired of your company calling me and wanting me to order supplies. If I want anything I will call you. Please do not call me again. I just ordered a few things and that will be the last order you get from me. Mary

  2. Connie Page

    Accounts receivable rep named John was very rude and unpleasant. From the time I answered the phone he was the most hateful person I have ever dealt with. Your invoice was misplaced (65.85) and he didn’t want to send me a copy. Told him I couldn’t pay without invoice. His response was to give him a credit card now. You really think I would give this type of person a credit card over the phone.

    This isn’t anyway to build your business. Our companies (6 of them) will never do business with you and will never give a good review no matter how cheap you think your prices are.

    Have a wonderful day

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