Would you like to review a product that you bought from Dowrite Imaging? Would you like to tell us how your experience with the product or with service was?

Well that’s why we created this site so that you can provide us with instant feedback and we can improve on the fly and make our products and services the best they can possibly be. So let us know how we’re doing so we can make it better for you and for all of our future clients.

13 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Ginny Sweet

    I’m not impressed with your products at all. I ordered 2 of the extended life toners and got 1 free. They don’t last as long as the regular toners! Poor print quality, fading out on the edges. Since it is past my 30 trial, I will cut my losses and take this as a lesson learned. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

    • Ginny Sweet

      Tom with DoWrite contacted me and offered to replace the toners. There is a 2 year warranty on them! YAY!

      Thank You Tom.

      Ginny Sweet

  2. Hope Lutheran Church

    I was called about the extended life toner, made the purchase and within a month they stated I was getting another shipment. I don’t remember agreeing to order 3 months of toner which is what Susie stated I agreed too. The sales pressure isn’t what I asked for either. They are going to forgo the third shipment of toner if I purchase products. I agreed to ordering some office items I needed, when the gal called to verify the shipping address and order, I was really surprised to see that Susie put in an order of 4 pkgs. each of ink pens, correction tape, scotch tape, and correction fluid….I told her with our small congregation we didn’t have to order supplies often. With an order like that, price of $250.82, I wouldn’t have to order for years. I was with the understanding of ordering supplies, not in that quantity. I guess Susie felt she would order what she wanted for our office. Deception in their marking. We have paid for the toner, and they can keep their office supplies, as I’m refusing the order.

    • As discussed with customer service manager Tom Kooper, we have cancelled your order and placed the account on a DNC list, you will not be called or receive any further product. If you have any question or concerns do not hesitate to call customer service at (888) 848-8257 EXT. 5109

  3. Diane

    Scam company keeps telling you there’s “just one more shipment” to complete the order. You think you’re ordering 3 toners, and then they tell you you’ve ordered a case, and then you find out that case has no bottom–the shipments keep coming. So when I called to pay my invoice yesterday (and tried again today), I get, “The number you are trying to reach is not in service. Please check the number and try again.” There is nowhere on their Web site to communicate this to them. So it feels like this company has gone out of business, or is trying to evade someone or something. You should really think twice before doing business with this company.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience our company’s recent phone issues have caused. The problem has been addressed and operations are back to normal. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

  4. Diane

    Tom at DoWrite contacted me to resolve the issue. Customer Service is very responsive. Actually, everyone I’ve spoken to at DoWrite has been completely professional. It’s unfortunate there was a misunderstanding as to how much toner was in a single order. But the prompt attention and help with the issue is very much appreciated!

    • We thank the customer for bringing this matter to our attention and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. While the service the customer received is not the standard of our company, there is no excuse on the representative’s part for not focusing on the customer’s need. Our Customer Service Manager contacted the customer to offer a return merchandise authorization (RMA) to close the open invoices and she gladly accepted. Though not requested, we have also placed her account on our Do Not Call list.

      With that said, we have a strict company policy not to ship anything unless our customers authorize us to do so. The customer has been ordering from us since October 2012. During this period, the customer authorized a total of 12 orders for shipment. All 12 orders that were shipped went through our recorded quality control process where the customer was advised of the terms and conditions and she verbally acknowledged them. If at any time the customer did not want an order, we would have easily cancelled it during this verification process.

      In closing, we also regret the inconvenience that our company’s recent phone issues have caused the customer. The problem has been addressed and operations are back to normal. Regardless of what the technical problem was – or how we plan to solve it in the future – we have not overlooked the incredible amount of frustration the customer has felt. We take full responsibility and again thank the customer for bringing this matter to our attention.

  5. Rhonda Stevenson

    I don’t like the way Do Write pushes their toners. They won’t allow you to order at your own convenience, they want to send toners that you don’t need or replace them with other products you don’t need. Then they keep calling telling you that you still have so much that you need to order before your obligation is over. I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM DO WRITE EVER AGAIN!!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the unpleasant experience you had with us. Please accept our sincere apology for the poor service afforded you. Per your request, we placed your account on our Do Not Call list and faxed you a confirmation of this.

      We pride ourselves on convenience and strong customer service. We have a strict company policy to not ship anything unless our customers authorize us to do so. Unfortunately, the service you received did not meet your – or our own – expectations. Again, we value your business and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  6. The Covington Co - Annette

    After reading the comments above, I too am going through the same situation. I wish I would have read these before ording ANYTHING from them! The constant phone calls pressuring you to order more to “fulfill your obligation” is ridiculous. I’ve told them numerous times that I DON’T NEED ANY MORE CARTRIDGES, but then they try to get you to order less. After the last call they told me that this would be the last order. But then I get another call, a month later, stating they would ship more!! The last order I placed would last me a year, why would I need more!! I don’t ever recall agreeing to order the amount they are saying I need to fulfill & I don’t plan on ever ORDERING ANYTHING AGAIN!!

  7. Carlie

    I Don’t have any complaints in regards to the products. However, I do not agree with the way your representatives try to conduct business. The first time I agreed to order it was some buy 3 get 1 free trial thing. I did the trial and paid the invoice. A month or so later I got a call saying that the next 3 toners were scheduled to be shipped out. I did not remember ordering more but I didn’t think that the company would just make this up. I said we don’t need them right now, the rep offered to keep them on back order. I agreed. The shipment came a month and a half later. Paid Invoice. Then on January 31st I received another call saying the next order was scheduled for shipment. At this point I’m either losing my mind or the representatives are trained con artists. So on that phone call I made myself a note saying I spoke with them on January 31st. “Travis” ensured me this was our final shipment, and he was just closing the account out from June of 2016. He told me that after this shipment we would not be getting anymore calls or shipments we will then be put on a call to order list. If and when I wanted to order anything I would need to call and do so. Well here I am today…I got another phone call from Travis saying that our next order is scheduled for shipment. I told him I did not order anything else, and that last time we talked I noted that this was our last shipment and that we are now on a calling to order basis. He said “Oh yeah well that was for the toner, this shipment is for the drums.” I said that we do not need any toner or any drums, and I want him to cancel the order due to never ordering it to begin with. He said he can replace the drums with some office supplies. At this point in the convo I was so irritated he offered to give me some time to think about what we need, and he will call me back next week. I do not want to order anything else for the company due to the lies, and manipulation. The prices and product are ok and I would have continued services if it wasn’t for all the bs!!! You guys need to look into this. I decided to check the reviews to confirm I am not crazy and have noticed multiple people with the same complaints. This is not the right way to conduct business. I have never wrote negative reviews for any company. I am not the type to even complain…I’m just so annoyed!!!

    • Please accept our apology for the poor customer service experience you have received. We want our customers to have a good experience with us, so your comments regarding one of our account representatives is a serious concern for us. We are currently investigating this matter internally and please know that steps are being taken to fix and improve our service. Per your request, we have placed your account on our Do Not Call list with a confirmation of this faxed to you. As a reminder, we have strict company policy not to ship anything unless our customers authorize us to do so. Our processing department will always give our customers a call before anything ships out – no exceptions! If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to call or email us.

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